Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today's numbers

Previous numbers are:
Today's number's I've chosen:
  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. Mega 10-42
  4. 15,
  5. 17,
  6. 20,
  7. Mega 21
  8. 24, -26
  9. 25, -39
Last time I've played "pairs" they didn't come up, but here they are:
25-39; 10-42, 24-26. Hot numbers are 24, 5, 20. Repeats are 17, 25. I have a total of 12 numbers this time.
Here's a wheel:
1. 6,15,20,24,25 Mega 10
2.6,15,20,24,26 Mega 10
3.6,10,15,24,42 Mega 21
4.5,17,20,24,26,Mega 10
5.6,17,25,26,39,Mega 10
6.6,17,25,26,39,Mega 21
7.6,20,25,10,42,Mega 21
8.6,15,17,20,25Mega 10
9.6,15,20,25,39Mega 21

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What if...Energy of the desire

Every desire has, required to fullfill it...success imagery energy...emotional, that reaches a cosmic sea and gets granted. Unfortunately, some desires get "lost" amongst too many little desires that come along. The most common trap with the Lottery win is a whole nine yards list of things that will come along with it. What shall I do with all the winnings? Gosh, it's a tough question. Let me think about that. Let me elaborate on a miriads of buys and experiences that take me million years away from the Main Desire. It's an indulgence, an unnecessary thought. Because, you guessed it -- every thought counts.
This is a very common mistake, for people to start dreaming, "What would I do with the winnings" when you are bypassing a very important point in dreaming: actual winning of the lottery, finding out, signing a check, ect...of course, it's a more spread out journey, people actually make lists of 10000000 many things they would do with the money...But we are forgetting the law of having one goal, one single dream, rather than dusting away all that creative "desire energy" into a million little outlets! Have you ever seen a dentist, who also has a sign on his door, that he ALSO does car repairs, ALSO cuts hair, ALSO writes books, and by the way, is a great actor in his spare time? Whilst I want to talk more about this topic on my blog, I want you to think about it! Only those succeed who make plans, not dream too many dreams! (But you CAN dream one dream, and who knows? just may come true!)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beware: Lottery Scams!!!

One thing I wanted to talk about today, is Lottery Scams. I guess they are the most popular scams ever. If you think about it, every person on the planet, at least once in their lives, must have entertrained the thought of winning the lottery, and small cost of playing(hey! it's just one buck!) allows for just more reason to fall for such scams. Those people know that if you're going to lose playing lottery, you might as well lose big. In a sales manual, this tactic is called to "upsell". When you are already reaching for your "magic card", the eye involuntarily begins to wonder, what else can you get while you're at it.
Now, we are not children. We know, when we see the obvious "You've won! Claim your prize before it expires! We've been trying to reach you..." to quickly hit that "Delete" button. You know because you haven't even bought any tickets. You know because logically, the only people trying to reach you might be good for nothing creditors and telemarketers...(and maybe your ex.) But what about not-so-obvious, like an invitation to subscribe to a syndicate with an amazing record for picking the winning numbers. One great site to check out some incredible scenarios, which inevitably reminded me of South African emails, talks about such scams. Exploiting old-as-the-world idea of making you think as if you were the one taking advantage of the person "in need", why, even the French Rockefeller have successfully fooled celebrities and all the high society with it. It's as if They are doing a favor to you. They seriously, don't even need it. They were just going about their successful business when you(poor soul) happened along and they happened to like you. It's that simple.(Not!)
I personally don't get syndicates, especially Internet based. So how do you know if the person buying tickets is actually buying those tickets and not mail ordering sex toys? (Oops! Am I allowed to say that on a blog?) And again, if it's Internet based, we might not realize where the person is actually located. They may not be in Kansas anymore! The registrar of the site may use a legitimate address in U.S, and in real life be a third world country citizen with a computer access. And, last, even if they did buy the tickets, my question is how are the numbers picked, and how can I legitimately check of they came up? Asking questions puts you in control of your DESTINY.
Another trap for a "regular lotto guy" is a so called "system". There are systems, know-hows in PDF format, and software you think YOU need. Think about it. They don't need it, they were just going about their usual business, profiting from their proven piece of knowledge in this uncomplicated format, when you happened along, (poor soul!), but they really do like you... So here you go -- you might as well take advantage of this limited offer, which expires in...tick-tick..., because it's so, you know, valuable, that they're practically giving it away. Sound familiar? You see, you don't know what you're doing, but they seem to have a plan. A plan to profit from YOU, sucker!
Please, do me a favor! In this case, hit your mental "Delete" button, and get over yourself! Yes, in a Lotto world we are practically swimming though scam, that's why it should be a world with a big neon sign: "EXCERCISE CAUTION! Sharks around!"

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saturday drawing

7 -9- 24- 38- 42 -16
Again, just look at all those Mega's. There're too many. I have managed to match the Mega number for this Saturday's drawing. I don't play Saturdays, usually, but yesterday decided to test all those patterns from the "triples" menu.
From one of the Lotto articles I tend to regularly browse on the net: "Treat Lotto like your job, and maybe you won't need one!" That would make one's job quite unpleasant! I can just imagine:"Honey, I'm home! Lost a $100 today" - only that money, unlike Phoenix, is not going to raise again. And another pearl:"Rich people play the lottery too you know" - this said to encourage more plays per draw by us regular folks. What is wrong with that picture? I for starters can see rich people being very careful with their money. Or else they would not be rich today. But rich or not, I realize there's a type of people who gamble this way or another, which doesn't guarantee a win, anyways. But say, if I finally do win next week, and collect in two weeks after, would I be still be playing? Would I "invest" one half of my winnings, pouring it like water again into a lottery pool? The answer is no. I don't do it for the rush of playing, I'm playing to win -once- because I believe it's my destiny!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Careful thoughts

So I've decided to invest in a Lottery software. Cost: 39.95! Not bad for a software. I chose Windows Lotto Pro, because it's really simple for a newbie like me, the name connected with my lottery(California Lotto Plus), and because it didn't have any outrageous claims. Let's face it: there is no magic formula to winning the lottery! There is no miracle program guaranteed to "crunch the numbers", do all the legwork for you and automatically spit out the winners. If there was such program, by God, we'd all be winners today.
What we are looking for here, is lottery advantage. How many percent advantage, remains to be seen, as you know, the lottery is Random. The game officials are intending on keeping it that way, so if there is a secret strategy, it should remain a secret.
I've checked out a few other websites before making a pick, and it's rediculous, how many of them will try to sell you a common sense. Don't bet on your birthday date. That was a revelation to me. And while I haven't checked out the "wheels" out there, my impression was that this is just money management. I am good at math so I'm not sure this is for me. And one more thing.
If you're going to buy lottery tickets, it's not really smart to call it "investments". It would be "investments", have you put the money in a bank, stocks, or real estate, - admit, that lotto, just like gambling, is a game of chance. How can you justify it? If you HAVE to, quit smoking. Forget about frapuccino. Trade one indulgence for another, but keep it REAL, or your lotto win will remain in a fantasy world, too.
Back to Windows LP. Despite it's confusing name, the customer service got back to me in about an hour and politely informed me that they are not afilliated with Microsoft(they should!), and that the software will only run on Windows OS discriminating all others; as for the company itself, they are located in Florida and not somewhere in New Zealand.
Its classic and simple interface appealed to me, and I didn't have to wait/pay for the shipping, as the software is available via instant download. I believe in "smart picks" rather than "quick picks", - and you don't need to be super smart to notice trends in patterns. I don't play on Saturdays but still select the numbers, because it keeps me up to date with those trends. Wednesday has always been my lucky day, -not just because I was born on Wednesday - but financially, the best day of the week, I've had many "sudden surprises" happen out of blue so I believe one of these Wednesdays California LP will be mine!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Lotto Blog

This blog is about my personal journey to winning the Lotto. I've always believed that I'll win the lottery one day. I consider myself a lucky person, plus there's a "rich" line on my palm. I will continue matching the numbers, and today all numbers I've played came up, in different combinations(stars mark the winning numbers):
05* 16 24 26 38 M16
04 12 24 26 47 M03*
12*24* 26 44 47 M17
10 20* 26 34 36 M17
06*12 14 36 47 M05
I play California Lotto Plus, and of course, you'll say: who plays so many megas! But I'm new at this and so far have come up with my own system, which, as you can see, does pull the right numbers just not in the right combination. I will have to play around with that through trial and error.