Friday, May 11, 2007

Careful thoughts

So I've decided to invest in a Lottery software. Cost: 39.95! Not bad for a software. I chose Windows Lotto Pro, because it's really simple for a newbie like me, the name connected with my lottery(California Lotto Plus), and because it didn't have any outrageous claims. Let's face it: there is no magic formula to winning the lottery! There is no miracle program guaranteed to "crunch the numbers", do all the legwork for you and automatically spit out the winners. If there was such program, by God, we'd all be winners today.
What we are looking for here, is lottery advantage. How many percent advantage, remains to be seen, as you know, the lottery is Random. The game officials are intending on keeping it that way, so if there is a secret strategy, it should remain a secret.
I've checked out a few other websites before making a pick, and it's rediculous, how many of them will try to sell you a common sense. Don't bet on your birthday date. That was a revelation to me. And while I haven't checked out the "wheels" out there, my impression was that this is just money management. I am good at math so I'm not sure this is for me. And one more thing.
If you're going to buy lottery tickets, it's not really smart to call it "investments". It would be "investments", have you put the money in a bank, stocks, or real estate, - admit, that lotto, just like gambling, is a game of chance. How can you justify it? If you HAVE to, quit smoking. Forget about frapuccino. Trade one indulgence for another, but keep it REAL, or your lotto win will remain in a fantasy world, too.
Back to Windows LP. Despite it's confusing name, the customer service got back to me in about an hour and politely informed me that they are not afilliated with Microsoft(they should!), and that the software will only run on Windows OS discriminating all others; as for the company itself, they are located in Florida and not somewhere in New Zealand.
Its classic and simple interface appealed to me, and I didn't have to wait/pay for the shipping, as the software is available via instant download. I believe in "smart picks" rather than "quick picks", - and you don't need to be super smart to notice trends in patterns. I don't play on Saturdays but still select the numbers, because it keeps me up to date with those trends. Wednesday has always been my lucky day, -not just because I was born on Wednesday - but financially, the best day of the week, I've had many "sudden surprises" happen out of blue so I believe one of these Wednesdays California LP will be mine!

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