Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saturday drawing

7 -9- 24- 38- 42 -16
Again, just look at all those Mega's. There're too many. I have managed to match the Mega number for this Saturday's drawing. I don't play Saturdays, usually, but yesterday decided to test all those patterns from the "triples" menu.
From one of the Lotto articles I tend to regularly browse on the net: "Treat Lotto like your job, and maybe you won't need one!" That would make one's job quite unpleasant! I can just imagine:"Honey, I'm home! Lost a $100 today" - only that money, unlike Phoenix, is not going to raise again. And another pearl:"Rich people play the lottery too you know" - this said to encourage more plays per draw by us regular folks. What is wrong with that picture? I for starters can see rich people being very careful with their money. Or else they would not be rich today. But rich or not, I realize there's a type of people who gamble this way or another, which doesn't guarantee a win, anyways. But say, if I finally do win next week, and collect in two weeks after, would I be still be playing? Would I "invest" one half of my winnings, pouring it like water again into a lottery pool? The answer is no. I don't do it for the rush of playing, I'm playing to win -once- because I believe it's my destiny!

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