Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Lotto Blog

This blog is about my personal journey to winning the Lotto. I've always believed that I'll win the lottery one day. I consider myself a lucky person, plus there's a "rich" line on my palm. I will continue matching the numbers, and today all numbers I've played came up, in different combinations(stars mark the winning numbers):
05* 16 24 26 38 M16
04 12 24 26 47 M03*
12*24* 26 44 47 M17
10 20* 26 34 36 M17
06*12 14 36 47 M05
I play California Lotto Plus, and of course, you'll say: who plays so many megas! But I'm new at this and so far have come up with my own system, which, as you can see, does pull the right numbers just not in the right combination. I will have to play around with that through trial and error.

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