Saturday, May 19, 2007

What if...Energy of the desire

Every desire has, required to fullfill it...success imagery energy...emotional, that reaches a cosmic sea and gets granted. Unfortunately, some desires get "lost" amongst too many little desires that come along. The most common trap with the Lottery win is a whole nine yards list of things that will come along with it. What shall I do with all the winnings? Gosh, it's a tough question. Let me think about that. Let me elaborate on a miriads of buys and experiences that take me million years away from the Main Desire. It's an indulgence, an unnecessary thought. Because, you guessed it -- every thought counts.
This is a very common mistake, for people to start dreaming, "What would I do with the winnings" when you are bypassing a very important point in dreaming: actual winning of the lottery, finding out, signing a check, ect...of course, it's a more spread out journey, people actually make lists of 10000000 many things they would do with the money...But we are forgetting the law of having one goal, one single dream, rather than dusting away all that creative "desire energy" into a million little outlets! Have you ever seen a dentist, who also has a sign on his door, that he ALSO does car repairs, ALSO cuts hair, ALSO writes books, and by the way, is a great actor in his spare time? Whilst I want to talk more about this topic on my blog, I want you to think about it! Only those succeed who make plans, not dream too many dreams! (But you CAN dream one dream, and who knows? just may come true!)

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